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I liked it, but the abrupt ending was very jarring. I felt like it was beginning to go somewhere interesting with the paint forming shapes, then it simply ended.
Extend it a bit and this could be a good short flash.

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GreatPowerfulTrixie responds:


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I'm really liking this

I make short films, and I immediately thought of this being used in a gritty espionage film or something similar. Just brings to mind secret agents hacking into some secure facility. I really enjoyed it, and the length is great. Keep up the good work!

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Repetitive, yes...

...but that's called actually having a melody. Which is a good thing to have, for sure.
There was certainly enough development in the instruments to make it not seem repetitive. The little bits of other melodies thrown in also helped to make it seem less repetitive.
I like the instrument choice at the beginning, my only complaint in that area would be the high pitched one towards the end starting around 2:25. I think that it may have been a little too high, which some may find annoying. Depends on the person, however, some may like it.
Overall it's pretty good, maybe not quite a rave song, but not far off. 8/10 due to the minor issues.

MisterJayElectro responds:

Yeah, I realized it wasn't exactly rave, but I put too much time into it to bother working on it more :P Besides, I gotta admit that I like it the way it is (As a rave. I'm thinking of making a jumpstyle version of this, just to try out some jumpstyle). And yeah, I see what you mean now about the high-pitched, though I never really noticed until you pointed it out xD But thanks a lot for the review!

Quite good.

Trance isn't a genre that everyone likes, but I like it well enough, and I think you handled it well. The song has a good unifying melody, the instrument selection was pretty good all round, and it had enough diversity to remain interesting. Transitions were also handled well, and weren't at all jarring. Overall I liked it more than a lot of your traditional techno songs. If you were going for more of a club feel, I'd recommend adding a bass beat, but since your weren't there aren't really any flaws to point out.

I'm not sure if you've every tried making an ambiance piece, but you may want to consider it. They aren't too far off from trance, so you could probably pull one off well.

Anyways, this gets a 9/10 since I reserve 10/10 for what I'd consider perfection.

MisterJayElectro responds:

Wow, thanks! I guess I can't really consider myself mediocre now.

I'm in your Newgrounds downloading your music! I'm a no-budget filmmaker and Newgrounds is my main source for CC licensed audio for use in my films. My favorite composers are MaestroRage and MilkMan-Dan, and I've used their songs in many films.

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